The Marion Polk Yamhill Foster Parent Association Executive Board and Board of Directors Welcomes YOU! If you are not familiar with The Marion Polk Yamhill Foster Parent Association and this is your first visit, Thank you! It is our hope that the Marion Polk Yamhill Foster Parent Association can assist you in supporting your journey in the life of a foster, adoptive or relative placement. If you are one of "OUR" families, or have an interest in foster parenting, please contact us with your questions and comments. Please continue to check this site for updated information that may be of interest to you. In brief, you should know the following about us: The Marion Polk Yamhill Foster Parent Association was established in 1974. Our main goal is to help in supporting/advocating for "OUR" families through mentorship, and financial assistance for activities that "OUR" children wish to attend. We hold an Annual Meeting and Dinner for foster and adoptive parents, a summer picnic, and the Holiday Wishes Program with the help of the Marion County Sheriff's Dept. (a.k.a. Santa Central) & OUR COMMUNITY partners. Also, please don't forget to check us out on Facebook.

our mission statement

  1. To provide a support system that enables foster/adopt parents to meet the social, physical, educational and emotional well-being of the youth in their care.

  2. To promote participation in the professional development of our members by actively seeking private funding to facilitate educational workshops and conference opportunities.

  3. To advance and promote collaborative partnerships that strengthen policies, programs, and services which improve the individual care and support provided to the children and families.